The 5th Annual International G Girl Cotillion is quickly upon us. Lots of questions for me and the momager since we are veterans of G Girl events (as you know I never won a big trophy but keep on trying.) The event will be held at the Wyndham New Yorker. This newly renovated hotel is a next level venue for the G Girl Brand and we pups are going to be in a gorgeous ballroom. No more Car Dealerships for Us — this is where we belong. And the G Girl formula will be in full force – Tiaras, Crowns, Trophies, Sashes, Furbaby Cake, Furbaby Champagne, and Competition!!!

Friday night is International Night

A little more casual then Saturday – but still a serious competition. Represent the country of your choice – Imagine the excitement of Fashion Meets the World Soccer Cup or the Olympic Parade of Nations – the room is filled with spectators and when a favorite country appears on the Runway the cheering starts — Pups this is not how the winner is chosen but it will put us all in an International Fashion Frenzy . Let the best interpretation of a country win!!! I have a spectacular outfit for that evening – yes I am going crazy trying to get a G Girl Trophy this time!!!

Saturday Night is Cotillion Night

I am getting so nervous. What if my dress is not well received? I am going a little edgy and my designer Danielle Pursel of SewDoggoneCreative looks at me like I am an inspiration for her creativity. She is having “so much fun” and I am panting with anxiety as to how it will look. My/The NY girls (my friends) are not thrilled about the pre-judging, I tell them that this is a competition and we have to go with the flow. I mean 60 seconds on the judging table is no big deal for me. But some of the other pups are not feeling it. A pup has to put their “game face” on and smile at the judges, and grace the Runway on all 4 paws (my style) or in the arms of their “escort”. It is no big deal we can all do it. It is the WINNING which is soo difficult. Competition is tough and I bet a first timer will take some of the awards this time – we will see if I can win in MY TOWN!!!!

This year’s Cotillion will benefit Yorkie 911 Rescue a popular Rescue in New York.

Additional Information

Don’t’ forget pups we have a very importation rule to follow: “if the paws are on the floor the privates must be covered” except for the Runway walk during the competition – a pup who is chauffeured around via stroller doesn’t have to comply but be careful there is going to be a privates check. I find this terribly embarrassing!!! — I better get a bikini wax!!!

Head G Girl Giaana thinks of it all — a room for the pups to pee — with

grass, astro turf and pee pads – wiz smart pads. Perfect Powder Room arrangements for us!!!

Lots of fabulous Sponsors with goodies for us pups to eat, a live auction, the Fantabulous 12 Items, raffles, an online photo contest, the event will be filmed so maybe we can all be reality TV Stars, I know I want to catch a producers eye. I almost forgot there will be some new attendees from across the country — maybe I will get to make some new friends . That is part of the G Girl Formula — we are a family — you have to be there to experience it !!!!

One last thought — I am totally in the pageant zone — can’t wait and will keep you updated as we get closer!!!