Ways To Make Your Dogs Happy

As a fur parent, showering your fur babies with love should be one of your top priorities. After all, they can make you happy when you’re stressed or sad, they’re adorable, and most importantly, they love you.

When it comes to pampering your fur baby, there are many simple yet fun and healthy ways to do it. So, do you want to make your dogs happy, but don’t know where to start? If so, keep on reading and find out how.

1) Invest In A New Comfortable Bed

Even though your fur baby is comfortable staying in your bed or on the couch, getting them a new bed is one of the best ways to make your fur extra special. Unlike the floor, a quality dog bed can prevent calluses and support an arthritic joint while keeping your fur baby warm. Additionally, unlike a human bed or couch, a dog bed is a space that your pup can have all to themselves.

You can also take it with you when traveling so your dog will feel comfortable and can sleep somewhere familiar. Also, according to Calming Dog, a comfortable and calming cuddle bed can help in reducing anxiety because it’s a place your pet can go to without feeling anxious or trapped.

2) Give Your Fur Baby Some Healthy Treats

Some people assume that human foods aren’t safe for dogs, but it isn’t always the case. Some healthy snacks that you enjoy can also be good options for your fur baby. Rather than buying a commercial dog treat, make your baby feel special by giving tiny bits of veggies and fruits. Like humans, dogs have their favorites, so consider trying various options to find the perfect combination for your dog.

Most dogs are happy when they have cauliflower or broccoli to chew. Some dogs like the florets while others prefer to eat the thicker stems. Crispy veggies like these, including green beans, carrots, and celery are good for cleaning the teeth of your dog.

During summer, give your fur baby some slices of cold cucumber, but be sure to peel them to remove the bitter taste. Other treats you can give to your fur baby are cantaloupe, watermelon, apples, blueberries, peaches, bananas, and oranges. As with most fruits, make sure to remove the seeds before serving them as they contain poisonous cyanide. Also, eating them may result in serious side effects like digestive problems.

3) Take Your Dog On Outdoor Adventures

Is your furry friend a dalmatian? If yes, one important dalmatian breed info you need to know is that this breed loves the great outdoors. So, if you want to pamper or you’re trying to make your dalmatian friend happy, you can treat them to a hike in the woods or a trip to the beach. The change of scenery will be a delightfully enriching experience for your fur baby.

But before heading out on an outdoor adventure, make sure to bring enough water for you and your dog; bringing some treats is also recommended. Most importantly, always bring a dog waste bag to pick up after your pet.

4) Give Your Fur Baby A Massage

Do your four-legged friends love to be cuddled? Then, you should consider giving them some massage. A massage will help your fur baby relax while easing its sore muscles.

To do it, you can use sweeping and soft gestures along the body of your dog. But make sure to avoid areas your dog doesn’t want to have touched. As you are giving your fur baby a massage, you’re also doing some crucial training like you can get it comfy with being touched that’ll make it easier for you to perform grooming.

5) Schedule A Playdate

If you have only one fur baby, scheduling a playdate can offer them a nice break from their routine while allowing them to socialize with other pups. In fact, doing this won’t only leave your pet wiggling with joy but also allow them to eliminate their contained energy. In case you didn’t know, tired fur babies are well-behaved fur babies, and surely, yours will be spent after your playdate, which means you’ll go home with a well-tempered and good dog, a win-win situation for the both of you.

6) Go For A Walk Or Ride

Walking your fur baby is one of the best things you can do for their mental health. Four-legged friends can spend hours running and walking in the wild. Having said that, a long walk may help in reducing stress and make your fur baby feel closer to you. After all, you’re the center of your dog’s world.

If you’re trying to please your fur baby, let them set the pace of the walk. For instance, consider stopping if they want to smell something. In case the dog wants to go in different directions, just follow. But always make sure that it’s a safe route.

On the other hand, if your fur baby perks up when riding a car to go to the veterinarian, it’s time to give them rides that don’t end with shots. Roll down your car windows on a sunny and beautiful day and play some music. After the ride, both of you will feel rested and closer to one another.

7) Allow Your Dog To Choose Its New Toy

Dogs feel delighted every time they’re receiving a new toy, whether it’s a plush teddy bear or a squeaky toy. But did you know that there’s much better than surprising your pet with a new toy?

If you truly want to pamper your fur baby even in the simplest way, allow them to pick the toy on their own. You can bring your baby to the pet store and then allow them to explore that area and get the toys they’re most drawn to.


While providing your fur baby with new toys and treats is one of the biggest happiness of a fur parent, the most important thing your pet will truly appreciate is your presence and company. You can spend time with them through playing, going for a long walk, or preparing some healthy treats or meals for them.

In fact, it doesn’t matter what kind of pampering you do as long as you spend enough time with your fur baby. Because at the end of the day, pleasing your four-legged friend is about showering them with attention and love in whatever you can.