Dogs, now have become larger than life personalities after the internet users watching the cute pups and silly pooch videos. However, there is more to owning a Fido than just cuteness and funny behavior. You can expect the dirty, stinky, gross kind of words coming in your mind every day you see your dog engaged in some playful activity.

A podcast is similar to a talk-show, a way for the pet parents to learn about the dog related lessons from the experts. It will span anywhere in between entertainment, humor, informational/knowledge, emotional feelings etc.

Hence, we have prepared a list of the ten best dog podcast shows that will deliver the quality and fruitful info and lessons to you. Also, the best thing about a podcast is that you can listen to it during commutation, exercising, cooking, etc.

1. Can I Pet Your Dog?

dog podcast

Starting with the first one on the list, we have a ‘Can I Pet Your Dog?’. It is as funny as its title intriguing. The show is hosts i.e. Allegra Ringo who owns a dog while the another one i.e. the Renee Colvert entitled as the dog-wanter. Along with them, the podcast comprises of a person who is the producer as well as the speaker namely Travis Elroy.

These guys will casually start discussing the pooches who have hit the news for any reason. Otherwise, they would elaborate on any Fido they have come across during the week. In fact, the plot of the podcast seems to be vague while reading these lines but it is exactly the opposite.

The speakers will make the whole explanation tuned up with a ton-load of useful information. Additionally, blending both the information and giggly topics will make the podcast a refreshment for you. You can even listen to the show during the commutation, cooking, exercising, etc. to utilize the time.

2. Creative Dog Training

best podcast for dogs

Here, we have another podcast that will educate you thoroughly and in an interesting way. It is by far the most resourceful learning spot a dog master would ever get. You can search inside the huge collection of the podcast’s recording in their library.

In addition to that, all the work from Creative Dog training has the short and apt titles. It will help you to find easily from the whole haystack of podcasts. You can even search the recording according to the categories. For example, recordings on ‘dog food’ will be in the ‘Nutrition’ category.

There is everything on its website that you could ever expect to learn even after owning a pooch for years. It will be like you are listening to the legendary professional dog trainer/vet who has had experience of many years.

3. Working Like Dogs

Dogs are great species with unreal human-animal companionship bond. Not to mention, working dogs or the service dogs who help humans in their basics activities. In a way, the service dogs are more of the caretakers of their human owners than the other way around.

Working like dogs is the podcast which focuses exclusively on the topics relating to the working/service dogs. They cover the vivid range of topics including the police/military dogs, service dogs(for blind/handicapped people).

The apparent podcast will teach you everything regarding the service dog caring and handling the procedure. Also, they will serve you the best guide if you plan to own a serve Fido for yourself.

4. Dr. Dunbar’s iWoof Podcasts

iwoof podcast

The iWoof is the complete learning destination for the pooch masters. Dr. Dunbar’s iWoof depicts everything right from the behavioral facts, psychological well-being, nutritional benefits to the viral pooch news or footage.

The build-up of the show is very entertaining as well as informative. You will get to learn about the real-situations being discussed on the show from someone who asked for the help. There are many listeners who convey their trouble to the show and seek solutions via e-mails or a live discussion on next podcast.

Adding to the fact, this podcast has reached its fifth season hit after hit. In fact, all the episodes from each season will have a different domain for discussion. It will make the learning process very vivid and interesting for you.

5. Theory of Pets

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Now, we are going to talk about the quite a fresh not so rookie podcast shows that the host Samantha Randall. The Theory of Pets focuses on the dog as well as the feline topics according to their decorum.

This show will bring you a vast range to discussions ranging from the dog nutritional needs and such products to the behavioral reasons. On the hand, they will even indulge in the light subjects based on the internet getting curious about dogs and pups, etc.

6. Canine Nation

Canine Nation is a sound subtle podcast which focuses on the reasons behind the pooch’s behavior. The host of the podcast show namely Eric Brad expresses a great detail in each of his monthly podcasts.

It is one of a kind shows from which you can learn and practice the best training and caring methods for your Fido. It will almost make you approach your pooch like a professional trainer. Additionally, the recordings are not even paced which will make it interesting to listen to the episodes.

Apart from that, Eric Brad shares the knowledge in those episodes is to the point which eliminated the possibilities of pandemonium.

7. It’s a Doggy Dog World

funny dog podcast

Here, we have a podcast that is a combination of useful information from the experts and entertainment. You can hear from the expert guests having a huge recognition in the pet industry that appear on the show.

Also, the show gets is enlightening chant from the hosts like Petra Burke, Kate Abbott, and Liz Palika. Additionally, the podcast will thoroughly focus on various topics ranging from the typical pooch breeds, a psychology of dogs, and anyone to one problem-solution discussion.

8. In Dog We Trust | This American Life

american dogs on podcast

This is a show that has seen a bright daylight in the cloudy atmosphere. ‘In Dog We Trust’ is one the oldest podcast that has been going on ever since it had released its first episode. Therefore, you will about everything ranging from shallow topics to the deep insights on the pooch-related topics.

This show will bring you some the most informational episodes in combination with the slight humor and a mild blend of emotional connect. It will be almost impossible to keep away from any of its upcoming episodes that you get every week.

9. Vegas Rock Dog Radio

This is the most happening and the coolest method of conveying the dog facts and learnings. The host of the show i.e. Sam happens to be a huge believer of Rock ‘n’ Roll culture from Vegas. And, by connecting with the audience in a unique way, likewise, she will be addressing all the pooch-related topics in her podcast.

You will hardly feel bored from the learnings and the topics Sam covers in her show. Also, you might find the show too perfect for you to listen during the leisure. However, if you want some thorough or critical information for handling your dog perfectly then Vegas Rock might be a little less on that.

10. The Dog Trainer: Quick And Dirty Tips

best dog training podcast

The Dog Trainer will teach you the easy methods to train and nurture a pooch. It covers almost every pooch-related topic that you could ever think of learning. The podcast responsibly teaches the fostering methods and its outcomes i.e. are everything from fun to important lessons.

Furthermore, this show will always keep you in constant chase of new learnings every week. Because the podcast releases every week and brings about the fresh and informative discussions. It will not only be an informative session every week but encourage you to volunteer for the ongoing projects focusing on the betterment of dogs.

The EndNote

Hence, we conclude the list of ten Best Podcast a dog lover would want to listen. You can evaluate all the podcasts upon two factors i.e. the information/entertainment you expect, and the genre on which the podcast releases their shows. Additionally, feel free to reach out to us for any query.

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